Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Are You Kind?

Would anyone say you are a kind person? What does it mean to be kind? One dictionary definition of "kindness" is: "Noun: the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate." Is that it?

So can you be kind sometimes? Does that make you a kind person?

Other qualities the dictionary included were: affection, warmth, gentleness, concern, care, consideration, helpfulness, thoughtfulness, unselfishness, selflessness, altruism, compassion, sympathy, understanding, big-heartedness, benevolence, benignity, friendliness, hospitality, neighborliness, generosity, magnanimity, and charitableness!

WHEW! That's a tall order if you have to be all of that to be kind!

I'd say I'm lots of those things some of the time. Does that make me a kind person? I'd like to think so. But isn't kindness more than something we do? Isn't it something we feel, or something that is part of who we are?

A person could commit acts of kindness for other reasons than because they are just caring or loving. You see people do it to get recognition or to get something in return. Is that still kindness? Is that person a kind person? Or are they simply manipulative or selfish? Wouldn't motive play a role in determining who is kind?

I'm doing some reading about kindness, so it will probably show up in future posts. And I'd really like to know what you think about kindness. What does it mean to you? Give me some direction in the comments below.


  1. Love this note what you have written. Look forward for more.
    I am now following your blog.
    You can please check and do give me suggestions if any. Thank you in advance :-)

  2. Kindness is diplomatically walking away instead of fighting back when not required. It is being kind to the lonely and broken hearted. Most importantly respecting mankind is the highest form of kindness

  3. Good to see you here. Niceness is walking away. Kindness is walking away when you don't deny your feelings about why you are walking away. I think Kindness is indeed respect, respect for everything and everyone. It is being present with whomever and whatever is present with you. It is a kind of love. More about this in the next post.