Sunday, April 28, 2019

I Used To Be A Writer

I've published poetry, short stories, even co-authored an article for a professional journal.

I thought a blog would help me get back to writing, since I'd have deadlines and I could chose subjects that interested me.

But I'm now failing to meet the deadlines, missed last Wednesday' all together. I've been over dependent on YouTube to "speak" for me.

It is probably related to this medical issue of pain after my fall in March. There has been a lot of severe pain and multible medical appointments, physical therapy, and trips to the drug store.

So that might be a reason, but not really an excuse. I've had time to play games on FaceBook that I could have used writing.

I need to re-evaluate my desire to write and make some decisions. For now, I'm going to give up the Wednesday post and, hopefully, focus on one post a week.

What do you think? Got any ideas for post topics? Would appreciate your feedback. What would you like to know more about?

Sunday, April 21, 2019

What We Need to Change the World

We need, at the very least, hope that positive change can happen, hope that it will happen, hope that what we each do will make a positive difference. Without hope we will stop doing anything to help that change before we even begin. What specific change do you hope for? Keep that hope alive. Nurture that hope. Fix the image of that change in your mind and use your hope to keep you going.

The next thing you need is faith. You must have faith that you can create that change. You must believe in yourself and believe in the change you want to make. Faith can keep you hope alive and keep you on task toward the change you want to make. And you need faith in others to work toward positive change. On your own, without the help of others, your power to change the world is quite limited. You need faith in those who join you in your quest for change  Having faith in each other makes great things happen.

And under-girding it all is Love. Love must be the reason for change. Love for yourself and for others is imperative for positive change. It must be the reason for your desire for change. Love will power you through. Without love it is too easy to give up. Know what you care about and why you want to make change happen. When you love is strong and evidenced by others your desire for positive change will be joined by the love of others to make things happen.

So what do you love enough to make a difference? What makes you ache when you experience it? Do you love those who have lost their home, those who have fallen into addictions, those who are trapped in poverty? Those who are children separated from thier parents by government policies? Those who are maimed by war? Those who greive the loss of family member to war? Those who live on the streets or homeless camps? Those who are preyed upon by bullies? 

There is no end of causes you might care about because. Watch the news, read the papers and magazine, listen to politicians, look around you in your city. Where is your heart drawn to make positive change to begin to resolve them? 

What beginning steps can yoiu do to begin the change? When will you begin? Be sure to use your hope to clarify the change you want to see. Have faith that you can help make that change. And keep love for others powering your choices.

What will you do?

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Sometimes It Is Hard to Believe in the Kindness of Humanity

We see so many news items about meanness, cruelty, disrespect, war, hatred, that it seems like the whole world is hopeless.. 

So, today let's look for and create kindness. Do something to help someone who needs it. Make this a day of random acts of kindness.

Here is a video to inspire you: 

Tell us what you can do to make the world a world of kindness.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

So, It's Sunday

It's Sunday and I don't have a post ready. This is happening far too often. Life is getting in my way of writing. 

What gets in your way of doing what you want? Maybe you want to save money, or learn a new skill, or work on a project that you've started but never finished. Or maybe there are things you think you should do, but never have gotten around to doing it.

Why do we let things get in our way. I've always thought that if you really wanted to do something you'd find a way to do it, you'd prioritize it. But then something gets in the way. Life can put things in our path that have to be dealt with then and there. And that gets us off course.

My reason is the recovery from my fall. There are doctor's appointments, physical therapy, pain, need for rest. It is amazing how much energy pain takes. 

And it's not like I don't have time. I do. I just find that once I'm off track I forget to get back on track.

So I'm sitting here looking at my to-do list and it doesn't have blog post on it! I need a cattle prod, I guess.

So I'm curious. What gets in your way? And how do you get youself back on track? Or are you one of those folks who never gets side-tracted? 

Share please.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Wow! YouTube Has Great Advice

Who do you go to for advice in your life? Have you checked out YouTube for direction?

Try this one. Don't let anything limit you.

Good advice here. Watch it over and over to get all of it into your mind. You can make your own independence and great life.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

In Just An Instant Life Can Change

There are so many things that can bring your life to a road block or a detour or even to a complete stop! We tend to go along on our life's path with goals or mile markers. We expect achievements, large or small, and celebrate them. 

And then something happens. It could be anything from a flat tire to major surgery. Some instants are bigger, more powerful than others. A flat tire will delay you an hour, perhaps. While major surgery could end up turning your life around in another direction due to physical outcomes.

What does this teach us? How can we be prepared for something we don't even know about, something totally unexpected? 

I think the best we can do is develop a "go with the flow" additude in life. Yes, have and work toward goals, knowing that there may be bumps in the road to attaining that goal. When something comes along to change your plans, accept that which you can't change. And be willing to change the things you can. 

My fall last month happened in a split second. I stepped on black ice and was on the ground before I knew it. The weeks since then have been challenging and really interruped my movement, litterally, toward my goals. Thankfully, my hip was not broken, so the detour will not take as long. But the other injuries have brought me to a screeching stop toward some things. 

There many ways your life can be interrupted. Try letting go of so much tight control and go with the flow. You'll get through life's speed bumps more easily.