Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I Will If You Will

Did you know that we humans are more likely to do what we see others do? This also includes giving. We are more likely to give when we know others give and we are more likely to give more when we know others are giving more. This is why creating a culture of giving is important.

I'm not recommending that you brag about how much you give in order to get approval or status. But being open about where and how we give will give others permission and motivation to give as well.
That is one reason that "crowd funding" works.

We know that the same dynamic works for doing harm. People will do harm to others when they see that others are doing it. It prevails in gangs and mobs. Gatherings that begin peacefully can quickly become violent when one or two people become violent verbally or physically. The police know this and this is why they show up at peaceful marches and demonstrations. 

These days we see people demonstrating who have never participated in demonstrations before. And they, in most cases, come to promote peaceful change. And they will stay peaceful if the participants agree to avoid violence. Then some agitators arrive and trouble can quickly ensue.

Research has shown that people who witness kindness are more likely to act in kindness. Paying forward is a great example of this. So share with the people around you why you give and how your give. You might even invite them to join you in your cause.  When you were a kid, did you ever challenge a friend to do something with you? "I will if you will" was your "dare."

Be a builder of a culture of giving. I dare you!

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