Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Where Did You Do Your Good Deed Today?

I often think I don't have many opportunities to do good deeds when I am nearly housebound. Some weeks I am out of the house maybe once or twice. And I don't spend much time "out and about" to see people needing help.

But that is short sighted. There are lots of good deeds that are little things that you can do to simply keep in touch with someone else who might be isolated. Or a note to cheer someone up.

I'd overlooked how people do good deeds on the roads. I usually let people into my lane of traffic if they signal and patiently wait for pedestrians to cross the street. I suppose those are good deeds - or just plain courtesy. Be here are some folks who did some real good deeds on the road.

Get more engaged and find many ways to do good deeds. Give us some example you can think of.

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