Sunday, May 10, 2020

Who's Your Mother?

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Mother's Day this year is probably different for you this year because of physical distancing. It makes it hard to be with your mother to celebrate.

Who do you celebrate on Mother's Day? Your birth mother? A foster mother? An adoptive mother? A grandmother? A daughter that gave you grandchildren? A granddaughter that gave you great-grandchildren? An aunt that raised you? All mothers everywhere?

I hope you take some time to think about what it means to be a mother, about someone who mothers. It is more than giving birth. I'm in awe of mothers today that are sheltering at home with kids who may not understand why they can't go anywhere, with kids that have to be taught via computer videos to finish their school year, of kids that are getting a bit stir crazy. Those mothers really deserve a special day.

The tasks, worries, feelings, and experiences of mothers are complex and multitudinous. Many mothers have jobs and homes and families to manage. And no matter how old their children become, they never really stop worrying about them.

So, here's to mothers this Mother's Day. Give thanks for those who mothered you.

Image by Đại Trịnh Ngọc from Pixabay 

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