Sunday, July 5, 2020

It's Just Too Much

                                                     Image by Małgorzata Tomczak from Pixabay 

These days it is just too much to handle. My brain feels like it might explode. So many conflicting thoughts. So much conflict. And with the fireworks, I feel like it is an actual war zone.

The quarantine fatigue, the crisis fatigue, and political fatigue pile up. At the end of the day I'm wiped out. Am I the only one? 

I'm sure that for me it is magnified by my sense of helplessness, because of my age and physical limitations, to participate in the causes I believe in. Makes it harder. And all the family challenges we've had lately take a toll on emotional energy.

I often play games on the computer as a way to escape it all. I also crochet and watch mindless television in the evenings when I'm too tired to do anything else. I communicate with family and friends, I'm still quarantining, you see. 

And sometimes writing this blog is a way for me to let off a little steam. I don't know who, or if anyone, reads it. But writing itself helps. Sometimes I focus on the issues and sometimes I focus on special topics. Either way I am focusing on something beyond myself.

I hope you are staying safe: keeping social distance, wearing a mask, washing your hands. The virus is not a trivial thing. If you read last week's blog you know why I am sure of that.

Care about others enough to wear that mask when you are around other people than those you live with. Stay home as much as you can. We have to stop the virus from spreading and killing more and more people. If we don't, we kill our country. 

Yep. Plain and simple, that is the outcome of our not paying attention to the science, of not caring for each other enough to stop the spread.

So respect and care about each other. Make this a better world with just those small things to do. We are in this together. Do your part.


What is it like for you these days to live in the midst of all this? 

What are you doing to stay sane? How do you deal with the emotional fatigue?

I'd like to write about what others are curious about. Any suggestions?

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