Friday, March 4, 2016

My mother's journal

I finally found my mom's journals and am amazed at how much detail she remembered from her childhood. It is fascinating to read about her family and her friends and activities. I wonder, as I read, where all those people ended up and if their children got the opportunity to know about them from their parents.

Life was different then. But in many ways her growing up was similar to mine. Both her father and mine were in and out of their family due to drink and women and other vices. Those cycles go on for generations sometimes, don't they? Sad.

But her journal doesn't hold much sadness about her childhood. It is filled with her adventures and games and dolls and friends. She and her sisters got into more trouble than I ever did. I was pretty dull by comparison! Maybe that is why I don't have as clear a memory of my childhood as she. I don't know that my recollections would be nearly as interesting as hers.

I'm not far along in reading yet. I've not gotten as far as her adulthood. That will be even more interesting because there will be things that I witnessed as well, although from a child's viewpoint. I have a feeling that her journal is going to get more attention than the novels I've been reading for a while.

While I'm tempted to search for the part about my birth and childhood, I still want to read what all led up to then. I don't want to miss any of it! I guess the thread about my birthday will wait.


  1. Are you thinking about sharing any of those fun childhood stories of hers? Could be great fun to read! M~

    1. Yes, I could do that. A lot of local locations are mentioned, which could be interesting.