Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What now?

What shall I do with this blog? I can't imagine that many people will be interested in my family. After all, we aren't famous or even mysterious. What would attract someone to come read about us?

And I want to be read. I want to return to writing and writers want to be read. There were times in my life when I wrote and published. Then I got too busy with life and stopped trying to write for publication. Now that I've learned a bit about blogging it has rekindled that desire to write and be read.

As a non-traditionally aged student (read "old") I was an English major in undergraduate school. Even before I thought of going back to school I wrote poetry, short stories, articles. Quite a few were published. It felt good to find something I was good at, something that others valued. Even for a few years after my graduate degree I wrote, mostly poetry. I was in a poetry group and participated in and led Poetry Therapy. It was great to get feedback and encouragement from people I valued and respected.

I'm not really sure why I let it go. Of course I was busy with work and a relationship. But that wasn't the only reason, surely. I had been writing even during all that. Somehow I lost interest in it, didn't need it any more, I guess. My life was full and rewarding without it.

So why now?

Life is less full and rewarding at my age, certainly. I don't have a job that makes a difference. I'm less physically able to do things that I once did. I don't have the energy I had when I was younger. And I don't want to just "disappear". I still want to make a positive difference in the world.

That was the original impetus for doing a blog. I wanted to encourage people to DO SOMETHING to make the world a bit better. I want each of us to decide to do that each day. I guess you could say that making a positive difference is my passion.

I've always wanted to make things better for folks wherever I could. I take great pleasure in helping people do acts of kindness. I have organized various charitable acts, raised money, coordinated donations, headed up teams of volunteers, that sort of thing. Now that I'm less able to do as much, I still want to make a difference. I thought a blog might be a way to do that. But I'm not sure how.

I wonder if I can make that happen? What do you think? How might that work? I'd really appreciate your ideas and suggestions. Please leave your comments below.

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  1. I'm reading about blogging and getting a somewhat clearer idea of what to do with it. I hope you will join me on my journey into this new stage of my life.