Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Month's End

Month's End is the end of a calendar month, when accounts need to be drawn up. Reports are due on where a company is in regard to progress, gains, or losses. It is a time to balance the books, reconcile discrepancies.

Month-end accounting procedures are done to ensure that mistakes are caught and corrected and to provide an accurate picture of a business's finances. So why not identify our mistakes in our personal lives? When we know what worked and what didn't be can better chart a course for our lives in the following months.

What if we each took some time at the end of the month to look at where we, personally, stand? We could look at the progress, gains, or losses toward or personal goals, interpersonal relationships, financial responsibility, compassionate actions, spiritual growth. And what better time to do that than at the end of THIS month?

The past month has been rather turbulent. So much happening that impacts our emotions and our beliefs. Our values have been brought to question. Fear and anger have cropped up nearly everywhere. Grief and celebration, some of each for many of us.

Some in our nation and our communities are acting out in hate while others are countering that with acts of love and compassion. Where have you been in the midst of that this month? What are your regrets? What are you pleased that you did? What worked to make someone's life a bit better? What did it cost you? Do you feel it was worth it?

What did you learn this month - about your friends, family, yourself?  What surprised you? What confirmed what you already believed?

Have you acted on your values? Have you found any new ways to live those values?

What have you gained this month - beyond the pounds from holiday eating!? Do you feel stronger, more connected, more confident? Or have you lost some of that? If you have losses, what can you do to regain what you've lost?

When you look at your checkbook does it reflect what you most value? Where does most of your money go? Is this a reflection of how you want to invest in life?

How much time this month did you spend with the people you care about the most? And how was that time spent? Do you have "screen free" time with them? Do you exchange your thoughts and feelings. Were you a quality listener this month?

How did you take care of yourself this month? Healthy eating? Adequate exercise? Time to yourself? Positive self-talk? How have you fed your Spirit? What would you like to do better next month?

So pat yourself on the back for the positives and resolve to address the negatives. You are a worthwhile person. You deserve good things. Never give up on yourself!

Please leave comments about your process.

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