Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Conflict, don't diffuse it.

Take twenty minutes to see this video from YouTube.

>How did you learn to deal with conflict growing up? When I grew up conflict was cold silence. I learned to "stuff it". I learned to be a victim. What about you?

>How did you deal with being vulnerable in your childhood? What do you do now? I grew up with the belief that being vulnerable was part of being a female and I just had to deal with it by giving in. I was in my mid thirties before I realized I had personal power and could say "no." Helen Reddy's "I am Woman" became my theme song and I learned assertiveness. I learned about women's rights and communication. It changed my life.  What about you?

>What do you get curios about? Can you get curious about what is involved in conflict? How good are you at seeing things from more than one perspective? I'm curious about almost everything, especially people. And my ability to see more than one perspective has grown through the years, making relationships richer. What about you?

Can you look at conflict a bit differently now? I want to use the energy of conflict to create more peaceful resolutions. 

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