Sunday, July 16, 2017

How You and I Can Combat Hate

Since "love" and "hate" are both active verbs what we do will either spread love or spread hate. And since we want to combat hate we must act to confront it. We must do somthing in the face of hatred, because if we do nothing it will be interpreted as acceptance of hate.

So what CAN we do? We can always raise awareness of hate crimes when they occur. When you see something, say something! A cross burned in a yard is a call to action. Pick up the phone. Call friends and colleagues, neighbors, organizations. Bring together a gathering of people. Invite the mayor, newspapers, televisions stations to rally against hate.

Swastikas painted on walls? Tell people about it as an act of hate and rally a group of people to paint over it. 

A noose hanging in a yard or on a building? Alert the authorities and get people out to take it down. But don't stop there. Rally people to tell the people that hate won't be tolerated in your neighborhood or community. Be visible.

Urge the schools to address issues of hatred and violence. Get the kids involved in rallying for peace and equality. They can help remove graffiti, make signs for rallies. 

See hate images or slogans on clothing in the stores? Let the manager and the owners know that they are not tolerated. Campaign to get them to stop selling them.

Support the repair of hate fueled vandalism. Tell your friends and family that it has happened and rally help in showing that your neighborhood and community won't tolerate it. Organize block-watch groups to keep an eye on targets of vandalism, graffiti, etc., and report offenders. Use your camera phones to identify them to the police.

Sign petitions to stop hate crimes, to have severe consequences for those who commit them.

Attend a vigil.

Lead a prayer.

Help make fliers. Distribute fliers. Share your musical talents at a rally.

Give your employees the afternoon off to attend a rally.

Be creative. Take action. Do your part to fight hate.

Get to know someone in a minority group, someone who is different race or religion or sexual orientation from you and your friends. Learn more about them. Invite them to your group or your home. Meet them for coffee.

Attend a mosque or synagogue. Ask your church or group to invite other faiths to teach your group about their faith.

Write letters to the editor that support peace and equality and that encourage the paper to give more coverage of efforts to combat hate. Tell them to raise awareness of hate crimes so that they can be confronted and the victims can be supported.

Let victims know that YOU don't hate them. That there are more people who want to combat hate than there are people who perpetrate hate.

When we know more about it happening we can better intervene. Check out

Be aware. And be an active agent for change.

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