Wednesday, December 26, 2018

"What Did You Get?"

When I was a kid at Christmas, the kids on our block would go from one friend's house to another to see what we each got for Christmas. We'd exclaim about things we'd asked for or things we wanted but hadn't asked for. It was great if you got a sled and it was snowing. If it wasn't snowing, kids with bikes were out trying them. It was a great day for all.

But now I care more about what I gave than what I got. I love figuring out just the right thing for each person. I'm not good at wrapping, but I wrap them anyway. And put a tag with "to" and "from" on it for each gift.That's fun before Christmas. And then on Christmas I get to see people's face light up when they open their gift. For me, that is the best part of Christmas.

And these days, since our family has everything they need and most of what they want, it is more challenging. I don't have the income I used to, to can't give the really big gifts they want. So what we do now is donate to the Heifer Project in honor of each person. And we find some little thing to wrap that somehow connects to the idea of the gift. Like this year we donated a bunch of baby chicks for a nephew and put the honor card on a box of chicken dressing mix.

We gave my spouse's sister and husband tree seedlings in their honor and wrapped the honor card in a dishtowel that had a picture of a cardinal in a tree. The most challening was the nephew we donated a flock of geese in his honor. What in the world could we wrap that connected to geese? I got it! We wraped up a package of goose liver!

Changing the world, making a positive difference can be fun. What did you give this holiday that made a positive impact on someone's life?

What did you give?

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