Sunday, April 19, 2020

Are You Ready to Come Out?

                                                          Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay 

Are you ready to come out of quarantine? Are you ready for shops to be open and business to go back to opening to the public?

Do you feel safe enough to go back to shopping for clothes and shoes and whatever?

I'm not. I don't feel safe, even with everyone wearing masks, to go into public places where people gather, even in small groups. Until our state has enough testing for everyone, until we can be sure that everyone has immunity, including me. I won't feel safe going to church or to shop.

The rate of infections is still high, even though it may be coming down. This virus is so infectious that even six feet may not be far enough. And it stays on surfaces for hours, sometimes days. You don't know you have it for as much as two weeks, as that is how long it takes for symptoms to appear. And some people have such mild cases they think it is flu or something else. And even after you are no longer symptomatic, when you think you are cured, it takes up to two weeks for you to stop shedding the virus.

So it is a silent, invisible monster that moves among us, killing many. And, until we have nationwide testing and a vaccine, it will continue at some level.

For each of us it is a matter of deciding at what point you feel safe.

I'm elderly with a heart condition, as well as other issues, so I am high risk. I'm not looking forward to having to make the decision to risk going out and about. I will have to decide if the odds are good enough for me to take the risk. I'll have to decide how big the risk is.

And, not being a scientist, I really don't feel prepared to make that decision.

What about you? At what point will you feel safe? What will you have to see to have enough information to make your decision?

How will you determine how high your risk is?

                                                           Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

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