Sunday, August 23, 2020

Did You Miss Me?

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I didn't post last week. I was wondering if anyone noticed. Did you miss me?

Is there anyone else you haven't heard from or seen in a while? Have you checked on them? Do you know how they are doing?

In this Covid-19 world, checking on folks could be really important. We don't really know what friends and family are going through if we don't hear from them. Isolation, especially for older folks, can be pervasive. While many, probably most of you are out and about, those at higher risk are still trying to stay safe at home. Contact with others is very limited, especially if they don't have internet access.

So check in. See how they are doing.

Personally, I'm struggling with loss of emotional stamina. I seem to have lost the ability to "go with the flow." World, national, local and family events have worn me out. Early this week a major personal loss kind of did me in.

Oh, I'll recover. It is just so rare for me to not to be able to deal with life well. I'm just having to take extra care of myself. And, I do get tired of having to do that, too.

What I would like for you to do is for you to let me know if my blog makes any difference. Is it worth continuing? Or would it make any difference if I didn't post a weekly blog post?

Comment, please.

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