Sunday, August 21, 2016

Halloween Ads. Really?

As if time didn't fly fast enough, merchants start advertising holiday items so far in advance that it feels like it couldn't possibly be time. But, I guess thinking ahead is important. I just don't like seeing time pass so very quickly. Is that because I'm getting old?

Anyway, it is always interesting to see what kind of costumes the kids will wear.

Today most kids buy ready-made costumes of their favorite cartoon or movie characters.

But I'm most entertained by the costumes that are home-made. They are so creative! You can see lots of examples at

In grade school we had costume parties and we went door to door on Beggars Night, what is now called Trick or Treat. My mom usually made me a costume of some sort. She was very good at sewing and making things. We didn't go far from home, though. I don't remember going for more than a block or two. It was about the only time we got a lot of candy at our house. We often got apples in our beggar bags, sometimes even an orange. But the candy was what we most wanted.

Since most of the homes in our neighborhood had kids and we all knew each other, there were no concerns about being harmed. We were cautious about crossing the street, but other than that we never had to worry about poisoned candy or razor blades in anything. It was all just fun. Times were less dangerous then, even though we lived in a city.

I remember there was one house that we kids had always avoided. We never saw the person who lived there and it never had many lights on. We thought it was kind of spooky. One year I decided I'd be brave and go up and ring the bell at that house. The other kids waited on the sidewalk while I went up onto the porch. A guy came to the door and I said the little verse we always recited, "Tonight's beggars night and I've come to beg a bite." He look surprised. Then he went into the house and brought me a bag of potato chips! I thanked him and took off for home. I became a neighborhood hero. :-)

Once I was going to make my own costume. I don't remember how old I was, maybe pre-teen or so. I found a pair of old pants in the basement and cut them up to make my hobo outfit. It wasn't long until I learned that I had cut up my dad's hunting pants, and he was not amused. Wasn't much could be done about it by then. They were quite ruined.

Where we live now we don't have children in the immediate neighborhood. We live on a busy street and most parents won't let their young kids go here. So I don't get to see their costumes like I used to. And fewer kids are going out in neighborhoods because it has become less safe. Churches and organization and businesses are having nights when they have giveaways for kids in costumes. They don't always give out consumables, so it is safer for the kids. It is hard for me to understand the thinking of someone who would do things to harm innocent and random kids by putting stuff in the treats they give out.

Things change. Kids are no longer safe. There must be a remedy for that.

What do you think?

Can we be more connected and care for all children in such a way that our world becomes safer?

Your thoughts?

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