Sunday, August 14, 2016

Are We In This Together?

You and I aren't the only ones who want to curb hate and create peace. There are many people and groups and ways to make a positive difference in the world. Individually we are like drops of water. Together we can be a powerful river for change, positive change. The more drops of water the greater the flow.

I’ve been looking around the internet so see what else is out there. I’m noting just a few. Check some of them out. Find others on your own and share in the comments. Join forces with those that resonate with you. Encourage others to join in.

The time to diminish the "Us vs Them" perspective is now! 

When you think the world is getting worse instead of better, watch this TED Talk that’s very encouraging. 

Look around for where you can be a positive influence. Check these out:

Give it forward.

And, if you prefer books to the Internet,

The more the merrier!

Ultimately, however, our goal must be to change people’s perspective to see that we are all “Us”. There really is no “They” who are less valuable or important than we are.

What will you do toward that end? 


  1. Thanks for the links. I really do hope that we as a people can get rid of the Us vs Them mentality soon, and just be WE.

    1. It is so vital to the survival of the human race, now that we have the weapons to wipe us out and destroy the earth for future generations.

      What might you do to change the perspective? We need to all pool ideas and do what we can.

      Thanks for stopping by. I hope you will return soon.

  2. Hi Lucinda ... your blog caught my eye with your post about peace. Thank you ... interesting site .... keep up the great work! Cheers - Tess : )

    1. Thanks. We all have a stake in this. Hope you find ways to help.