Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Is Today Your Birthday?

No? Give yourself a gift anyway. You deserve it. It's actually important to your well-being. And the gift that you can give yourself is to do a good deed.

Yes, really. Doing a good deed for someone else is giving yourself the gift of happiness and pride. When we do something for someone else, when we add to their happiness, we get a little happiness in return. And we can feel a bit of pride that we took some time and energy for something beyond ourselves.

So, whether it is your birthday or not, go do a good deed, a small act of kindness. If it IS your birthday, why not share some of it with someone who needs a little cheering up?

There are countless ways to be kind, to act with kindness, not just think kind thoughts. Some days it may just be smiling at people, no matter what you are feeling. Or maybe you call someone who doesn't get out much or you haven't seen in a long time just to check in and see how they are doing. Maybe they need to know someone thinks of them, cares about them.

Or maybe you can make the opportunity to go out of your way for someone to help them with something. I'm sure if you start thinking about good deeds, start looking for opportunities you will find plenty things you might do. If you are really stuck you can go back through some of my earlier posts from last year when I talked about acts of kindness and had lists at the end of each post.

And when you do for others, all are blessed. You, the person you do the deed for, and anyone who sees/hears about it and is inspired to do something for someone else. It spreads out and touches the world around you.

So make a difference with a good deed, an act of kindness, a gift.

And I'd love it if you shared what your good deed was. I can add it to my list of ideas! And maybe another reader will be inspired.

So, Happy Birthday! - or Happy This Day!

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