Sunday, February 16, 2020

Kindness Is Wired In Our Brain

Human nature is often portrayed as selfish and power hungry, but research by Dacher Keltner finds that we are hard-wired to be kind.

So, if our brains are wired to kindness,  why do we not see more of it in our environment? 

Actually, there is a lot of kindness that doesn't get observed because we aren't looking for it.

It isn't as sensational as unkind behavior, so it doesn't get in the headlines often. We have the power to change that by looking for kindness and acknowledging it.

And look for opportunities to practice kindness. Even the little kindnesses can change our perspective and that of others.

Keep looking for the good in people. Practice compassion, caring about others needs. Smile often. Speak kindly, especially with those who seem selfish or power hungry. Look for peace in them. They may be defended against negative influences and really need kindness. Give them some of yours. You won't run out unless your shut yourself off like they do.

It can be pretty scary to open up your heart to others when you first begin.

Just let your kindness begin with yourself. Be kind to yourself, to your friends and family. It gets easier with practice.

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