Sunday, June 12, 2016

As the World Turns

So, the world is changing. More and more of us are moving into that beautiful world our hearts know is possible. Can you see the chaos it is creating?

The fabric of the world as we have known it is being threatened. What we see is the crumbling systems of doing things according to the culture of separation. The way things have "always been done," All those predictable and practical methods are no longer serving us.

The result is confusion and fear, often leading to violence and hate. Rather than using direct assault head-on to try to help people, and the systems that compromise them, to let go of the old ways, we have to go deeper. Before someone is willing to look at evidence of the shift, we have to address the wounds at the heart of separation.

To be a healer and change agent we have to look below the hurtful, hateful behaviors of people. When we can see these people as wounded we can treat them with greater compassion. When they feel less fear they can begin to open up and live in the wider world.

People need to feel safe to give, create, love and play. When you can be with someone at that depth, offering unconditional acceptance and compassion, people can blossom and become part of the beautiful world.

When you consider this work as healer and change agent, be aware that it takes courage. Surround yourself with others on the same path. Be mindful of how we are all connected and gain strength from that knowledge.

By now you may have recognized that there is a spirituality of connectivity. This is a spirituality that runs through all of life, regardless of religion or lack of it. For it is our spirits that are connected. Our spirits form the web. Nurture your spirit and those of others to keep the web of life strong and supple.

What must we believe and why must we believe it to change the world? Eisenstein says it best.

"To the extent that we ourselves are living in the realization of inter-being, we too are able to become miracle-workers. That doesn't mean that what we do seems miraculous to ourselves. - it fits in with our expanded understanding of the nature of life and causality. For example:

  • When one is aligned with the purpose of service, acts that seem exceptionally courageous to others are a matter of course.
  • When one experiences the world as abundant, then acts of generosity are natural, since there is no doubt about continued supply.
  • When one sees other people as reflections of oneself, forgiveness becomes second nature, as one realizes 'But for the grace of God, go I.'
  • When one appreciates the order, beauty, mystery, and connectedness of the universe, a deep joy and cheerfulness arises that nothing can shake.
  • When one sees time as abundant and life as infinite, one develops superhuman patience.
  • When one lets go of the limitations of reductionism, objectivity, and determinism, technologies become possible that the science of separation cannot countenance.
  • When one lets go of the story of the discrete and separate self, amazing intuitive and perceptual capabilities emerge from lifelong latency.
These and many other miracles are the landmarks of the territory of interbeing." (1)

The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible by Charles Eisenstein

Today's Daily Dozen To-do List:

  • Find 5 acts of compassion in the media news. Even in the numerous disasters reported, there are people reaching out with compassion.
  • Look for new ways problems are being solved, creative solutions that protect life. They are most evident in environmental solutions, but they can be seen in other ways as well, holistic medicine, for example.
  • Notice fear-mongering and confront it with compassion. Fear most often come from woundedness. Threats seem bigger, more frightening when one feels vulnerable. Identify your own fears and consider what fuels them. What keeps you from  taking the risk to give, create, love and play ? How real is that threat?
  • Identify the wounds that support your fears. Consider them as parts of your past that can heal and make you strong enough to no longer need those fears.
  • Bring people together for safe and comfortable fun. Share laughter. Spread joy. Be the healing someone needs. Make it safe to be silly with them!
  • Think of all the ways you are connected to not only other people but also to the rest of creation. Consider what changes when you change. Don't ignore the tiniest of changes, for even small changes make some kind of impact. What happens to the air when you breathe?
  • Name three things you have done that took courage to do. Appreciate your courage. From your first steps as an infant to your getting up on a morning you truly didn't think you could, all courage is to be celebrated.
  • Examine your perspective on spirituality, whether it is religious or not. What is it that is more than your body, even more than your brain? How is life itself spiritual? Read something that widens your perspective on spirituality. Can you develop "suspended disbelief" long enough to explore other forms of spirituality, respect the spiritual beliefs of others?
  • When and when in your life has service to someone or something been natural, second nature to you? When did it not feel like you were being particularly courageous but in reality it was in conflict with the "way of the culture of separateness"? Appreciate that about you.
  • Be mindful of abundance in you life. It is truly everywhere. Find a way to give from your abundance.
  • Think about someone you don't really like and identify how many things you have in common. You'd be surprised how many commonalities there are compared to your perceived differences.
  • End every day with gratitude for at least three things. With practice you can get your list so long that you go to sleep before your finish!

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