Sunday, June 19, 2016

Listen to Your Heart

It is our hearts rather than our minds that know a more beautiful world is possible. Our minds are awash in the messages of separation that have surrounded us for so long. Our intellectual beliefs have been associated with the wounds, the stories, the institutions that are from our culture of separation. That is why change must occur on all these levels for us to live in a more beautiful world of connectivity and compassion.

When we move into the state of inter-begin, of being connected at our inner being level with otheres, we know that any change in ourselves will coincide with a change in other people. This is because our consciousness is then not separate from theirs.

It is up to each of us, all of us, to make the changes we know will make the world better, more compassionate. It is up to each of us no matter what the other does. As each person steps into the new way of being it tips the world more in that direction.

Each generation that has tried to live this way has helped to strengthen the connection with the world of the future. "It starts a cultural learning process that a new generation is beginning to fulfill." (1) This multiplies with each generation the number of people who are part of the new and beautiful world of connectivity. Those of you coming of age today "can actually create the world the previous generation could only glimpse." (1)

We heal with each change. Where will our healing come from? It comes from the margins:

  • from those excluded from the separation culture, e.g., indigenous cultures;
  • from ideas contrary to dominant beliefs about agriculture, healing, energy, mind, ecological restoration and toxic waste remedies;
  • from consensus -based decision making, non-hierarchical organizations, direct democracy, restorative justice, and nonviolent communications;
  • from people working for less pay doing what they love, using skills and experience as pioneers of a new way of living;
  • from spontaniety, patience, slowness, sensuality, and play.
We can find a glimpse of this future in the "alternative", "holistic", and "counter-cultural". These will become the new normal. Look around to find these growing in popularity today.

Will you choose to move into the new normal? Or will you choose to hang on to the old perspective that you are separate, disconnected from the rest of creation, different, better than or less than others?

How do you choose? Choose what best fits who you really are, who you know yourself to be inside, who you in your your heart you want to be, and who you are becoming with your new perspectives.

AS more of us move into this new perspective of connectivity we will find each other more frequently. We will gain support and strength from each other. And together we will find the way to the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

This and other of my posts have been inspired by Charles Eisentein's book The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible. If you want to explore more about this journey, I recommend it. It can strengthen you for your own journey to a more beautiful world.

(1) The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible, by Charles Eisenstein

Today's To-do List: 

Listen to your heart.

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