Wednesday, June 15, 2016

It''s Close!

That beautiful world is not far away. It is close. We are in it already. Since life is a continuum the web reaches beyond what we experience. It is but a shift of perception away. Remember that nothing is as it seems.

We live in the sky. No? Take this perspective: If the sky starts where the land ends, we need only look at where we are as sky. We can find abundance all around u. We need only look at our needs differently. Most of us have an over-abundance of our basic needs.

However, the journey from the old normal into the new can be very lonely. The new beliefs are still fragile. You need support, especially when you carry your new perspective and beliefs into your old life and relationships. Those old structures try to pull you back into conforming with the old ways.

Rarely can we hold new beliefs without support from folks around us. Beliefs that deviate from social concensus especially require some kind of safe place and affirmation. Finding that place may take time. You may feel alone rejecting the old view.

But there are more and more folks coming into the new perspective. Fewer and fewer believe in the old systems  determining the importance of separation and what you should value, find meaningful, The old ways shout louder, so it may be hard for you to hear the new connectivity. You must listen from your interbeing, where that connection occurs. We need you stepping into this new way of being to swing the balance in the new direction.

Draw on your courage and risk loving, sharing, giving, connecting with compassion. Evolve freely. Become more than you can imagine.

Since so many people are moving into a new way of being, no one person can serve as a guru to help you evolve. We are all different, our paths are different. We find our path with our inter-being, unfettered by the limitations of any "movement" or "system". We may need teachers along the way. But we find the connections through our "inner guru", if you will. For when you know yourself from the inside, your path will become clear.

When our inner being is connected with other's inner beings there is no limit to the insights available to us.

O.K. So I'm sounding pretty mystical, right? Well, why not? The mystical is only a mystery if you don't see it. You don't have to understand it for it to work for you. Open your perspective to draw on all the resources available to you, even those you don't understand!

Today's To-Do List:

  • Experiment with seeing from different perspectives. See something through the eyes of another. How might your pantry look through the eyes of three different people? What might your problems look through the eyes of three different perspectives?
  • Challenge a belief you have about another person. Ask yourself what else may be true. Explore that belief to consider that it may not be totally true.
  • Spend a few minutes experiencing music that touches your spirit in a healing way. Let it work its healing of any old wounds.
  • Be.

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