Sunday, March 22, 2020


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If you aren't anxious at some level, you aren't paying attention. There are a lot of things going on that can be frightening and frustrating. So much we don't know, yet we have to deal with it. 

Let me remind you that almost everyone is dealing with some level of anxiety. When people are anxious they can be irritable, angry, depressed, quarrelsome. 

Living with such limitations right now can bring out the worst or the best in a person. You can choose that for yourself. But you can't control that for others.

So, tread lightly with family, friends, and neighbors. Find an outlet for yourself or your kids. Do something to burn off the anxiety without causing greater problems. 

Limit alcohol and drug use. It only makes things worse. Ask yourself what you can do to help others in this time of trouble, then do it.

If you are healthy, donate blood. Contact your local Red Cross and arrange for a safe donation. They desperately need blood.

Check in with your friends and family, by email or phone or skype. Make connections without physical presence. 

If you are healthy and out of work, supermarkets are hiring people to clean and restock shelves.

Don't let yourself get mired in a sense of total powerlessness. We may not be able to control the virus completely, but we can do our part to reduce the risk for people. We must all pitch in to do what is necessary to beat this invisible enemy. Physical distancing, washing hands, cleaning surfaces, avoiding touching your face. Wash your hands. Please.

And please stay home to protect everyone from spreading the disease.

Be safe. Be cautious. But be determined to do your part.

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