Sunday, March 1, 2020

What's Bugging You?

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I find myself often irritated these day. Is it my age? I am a senior citizen, you know. Just had another birthday. So am I more sensitive to frustration because I've lived so long?

Or, is it the current culture of negativity and fear-mongering?  And it has been like this for a few years now. Is my emotional shield worn down by it all? Could very well be. It surrounds me, even when I stay home. It's on the television and internet. So do I need to withdraw even more? 

That's an issue of balance. I don't wan't to be totally detached from reality, yet I need to limit the invasion of negativity. Where is the fulcrum? How far is far enough from it all and still keep me enough in reality to make good decisions?

Is it the physical pain? I have plenty of that and it does wear me down. But is that what keeps me so easily frustrated? anxious? I am looking forward to pain relief treatment in a few weeks. So I'll see if being pain free makes a difference.I do know that pain can be exhausting, so maybe that is the problem. Maybe I just don't have the energy to protect me from the constant battering by negativity.

Is it my own self-talk? I often find myself making negative thoughts like, "You can't do _____; "You are too old for that;" You can't afford that"; etc. And I do interrupt that with taking a few minutes to practice gratitude and positive thinking. Yet it could be that I'm sabotaging myself at times.

So what kinds of things bug you? Do you get worn out with frustration and/or anxiety? How do you deal with that?

What can we do about that? Sharing good thoughts, ideas, observations is a good place to start. Doing good for others makes a difference in the world and inside ourselves. Random acts of kindness really do create a better environment for everyone, yourself included. So what could you do today, right now, to be kind?

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